Rangkaian Amplifier 22W - 170W

Audio Amplifier Based TDA1554 IC

This audio amplifier circuit works up to 2 x 22Watt with main power IC TDA1554. The circuit has only very few components and works best with a 4 Ohm speaker.

IC TDA1554 must be connected to a heat sink. A computer cabinet fan can also be used in addition. Any way better the cooling better the performance.The circuit roughly draws 6A current at 12 V at full volume.So the power supply must be any thing more than 6A.Up to 18 V can be used


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Rangkaian Amplifier  22W - 170W

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List Componet
  • R1 39K 1/4 Watt Resistor
  • C1,C2 10uf/25V Electrolytic Capacitor
  • C3 100uf/25V Electrolytic Capacitor
  • C4 47uf /25V Electrolytic Capacitor
  • C5 0.1uf /25V Ceramic Capacitor
  • C6 2200uf/25V Electrolytic Capacitor
  • U1 TDA1554 Two Channel Audio Amp Chip
  • MIS Heatsink For U1

                                                                 TDA1554 IC 


TA8215 Car Audio Amplifier 15W BTL Stereo

Rangkaian TA8215 Car Audio Amplifier

This is circuit of 15W BTL stereo channel audio power amplifier based IC TA 8215 developed by Toshiba. In this power amplifier circuit, two TA 8215 ICs are used. This is for obtaining four channels that is two channels from each IC. TA 8215 is an IC with power amplifier stages and preamplifier integrated inside it.

The power supply required for this amplifier is single 12 V DC supply. The maximum output power delivered from each channel of this amplifier is 15 W to a 4 ohm speaker and hence the name 4×15 W power amplifier.

TA8215 Car Audio AmplifieSkema rangkaian Car Audio Amplifier
15W BTL Stereo
TA8215 ICTA8215 IC

R1 with R2 forms a voltage divider that attenuates the input signal by 24dB. Considering the chip's 50dB gain, that still leaves 26dB overall gain, slightly more than enough to fully saturate the amplifier when the sound card works at maximal output. C1 blocks DC at the preamplifier input. C2 is the ground return of the feedback circuit. These two capacitors need to be in the ratio shown, in order to suppress switching clicks when powering the circuit on and off. The output pins 15 and 16 are connected directly to the speaker, while C7, R6, C8 and R7 provide the proper load phase shifting to avoid high frequency instability.

The power supply is decoupled with a rather small 100uF capacitor. That's enough for higher frequency decoupling, and at lower frequencies anyway the large capacitors in the PC power supply are fine. Pins 10 and 17 supply the power amplifiers, while pin 9 provides power to the pre stages. This power is filtered by C3. The power control pin 4 allows to shut down the amplifier, an option not used here, so it's tied to 12V. Pin 1 is a muting input, also not used, and left open.


Amplifier BTL 24 watt Menggunakan IC TDA1516

This is the circuit diagram of a simple 24W mono amplifier using IC TDA1516.The TDA1516 is an integrated class B power amplifier in a 13 pin SIL package. The IC has many useful features such as short circuit protection, load dump protection, thermal protection, reverse polarity protection etc. Here the IC is wired in BTL mode to deliver 24W of power into a 4 ohm speaker. This amplifier can be operated from a 12V DC supply and this makes it suitable for car audio applications.

Amplifier BTL 24 watt
Rangkaian Amplifier BTL 24 watt

IC TDA1516

The TDA1516BQ contains two identical amplifiers with differential input stages. This device can be used for stereo or bridge applications. The gain of each amplifier is fixed at 20 dB. A special feature of this device is the mute/stand-by switch which has the following features:
· low stand-by current (< onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">IC TDA1516BQ

Pin IC TDA1516
1 -INV1 non-inverting input 1 8 BS2 bootstrap 2
2 INV inverting input 9 OUT2 output 2
3 GND1 ground (signal) 10 VP supply voltage
4 Vref reference voltage 11 M/SS mute/stand-by switch
5 OUT1 output 1 12 RR supply voltage ripple rejection
6 BS1 bootstrap 1 13 -INV2 non-inverting input 2


150-Watt Bribge Amplifier Menggunakan TDA 7294

150-Watt Bribge Amplifier TDA 7294
This is a series of 150-watt amplifier based bribge ic TDA 7294. for SIM connections have been removed and some signs of components have been displaced. 220UF 100nF Although I have shown how C1 3.3UF Electro bipolar, you can use the CAP polyester, if you want. If power will be used for serednochastotnyh or tweeters in the system biamped or triamped, C1 may be reduced by the cost 100nF (-3dB at 72Hz). For general use, you can use a 1uF polyester, giving-3dB frequency of 7.2Hz, but bass extension is better with a higher value

150-Watt Bribge Amplifier TDA 7294
Skema Rangkain 150-Watt Bribge Amplifier TDA 7294

As you can see, there are provisions to use TDA7294 well. This circuit is almost identical, but a specification higher. There are links on the board to connect contacts 1 and 5 (it should not be connected to the TDA727). Use TDA7294, fees can run bridged (BTL or bridge tied load) to about 150 W at 8 ohms. I think P87B be used to provide phase signal is necessary for BTL operation. Although it is common to see AMP as a reversal, there is a very low resistance at first, and may lead to unacceptable pressures and possible distortion. P87B be managed separately by each amplifier, and the best way to control the amplifiers.While parallel operation is often recommended, I strongly recommend that you run the amps in parallel. There are very strict requirements for greater tolerance for parallel operation – usually amplifiers must correspond to 0.1% or more for all audio traffic and beyond. A very low output resistance of members, even inconsistencies 100mV (instantly, any voltage and frequency) can cause large amounts of current flowing through the circuits. Although 0.1Ω resistors are usually offered, inconsistencies 100mV voltage (0.15% at the peak voltage 60V) 0.5A cause a circulating current. This leads to overheating and protection of anger involved.


170Watt Amplifier BTL LM4651 & LM4652.

Rangkaian 170Watt Amplifier BTL

Combination of the IC LM4651 driver and the LM4652 power MOSFET provides a high efficiency power amplifier solution. The near rail-to-rail switching amplifier substantially increases the efficiency compared to Class AB amplifiers. This high efficiency solution significantly reduces the heat sink size compared to a Class AB IC of the same power level. This two-chip solution is optimum for powered subwoofers and self powered speakers.

Rangkaian 170Watt  Amplifier BTLSkema Rangkaian 170Watt Amplifier BTL LM4651 & LM4652

IC LM4651 is a integrated conventional pulse width modulator driver IC. The IC contains short circuit, under voltage, over modulation, and thermal shut down protection circuitry. The LM4651 also contains a standby function which shuts down the pulse width modulation minimizing supply current.

IC LM4652 is a fully integrated H-bridge power MOSFET IC in a TO-220 power package. The LM4652 has a temperature sensor built in to alert the LM4651 when the die temperature of the LM4652 exceeds the threshold. Together, these two IC's form a simple, compact high power audio amplifier solution complete with protection normally seen only in Class AB amplifiers. Few external components and minimal traces between the IC's keep the PCB area small and aids in EMI control.

Absolute Maximum Ratings LM4651 & LM4652
  • Supply Voltage ± 22V
  • Output Current (LM4652) 10A
  • Power Dissipation (LM4651) 1.5W
  • Power Dissipation (LM4652) 32W
  • ESD Susceptibility (LM4651) 2000V,
  • ESD Susceptibility LM4652 (pins 2,6,10,11) 500V
  • ESD Susceptibility (LM4651) (Note 5) 200V
  • ESD Susceptibility LM4652 (pins 2,6,10,11) 100V
  • Junction Temperature 150°C
  • Soldering Information N, TA and TF Package (10 seconds) 260°C
  • Storage Temperature −40°C to + 150°C

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